Elementary Educators Toolkit

Videos, classroom discussions, teacher resources and supplemental activities to engage your student body on World Autism Day.

Autism Ontario is committed to raising awareness of autism so all Ontarians can make their communities a better and more inclusive place for people on the spectrum and their families. Toolkits aren’t necessarily limited by school or by age and we encourage you to check out the other toolkit pages. Join us in making your school and community more inclusive place for autistic students and download your toolkit today!

My Friend Dylan

(Grades 3-6)

Experiencing Autism

(Grades 4-9)


The Sensory Experience

(Grade 4 +)

Our environments are filled with sensory information. For some people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, this information can become over stimulating which can cause a sensory overload.

Autism: See The Potential

(Grade 4 +)

Click on ‘CC’ for Closed Captioning or French subtitles

Watch this video for an accessible and entertaining introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder. We want everyone to understand autism and to see the potential! Please watch and share.

A Chance To Be Me

(Grades 7-10)

(en anglais, de la 7e à la 10e année)