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We are looking to share your stories of community, acceptance, or inclusion with Ontario. We are inviting the perspectives of people on the spectrum, parents and families who love someone on the autism spectrum, community members who work with and are invested in the lives of people with autism, and educators who work to make their school communities more inclusive places.We will only publish first names and the location where you live.
Don’t be afraid to speak from the heart.

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Submission Requirements

  • What we can’t publish: Term papers, thesis, letters, biographies, testimonials, news articles or content that is political or controversial. As you know, registered charities may neither support nor denounce a particular candidate or party.
  • Your story should be written in the first person and should be about yourself or someone close to you.
  • Word count:  1200 or less.
  • Your story must be true. No fiction, no creative writing.
  • Review Process: It does take some time to review submissions. Stories we choose to feature will be reviewed and gently edited for content and style. If we choose your story for our Raise the Flag blog, or any other Autism Ontario projects, we will notify you by e-mail and request your permission to print it.
  • Approval: We never publish anything without written permission from the author, and we get your approval for any edits we make. The Raise the Flag staff strongly encourages authors to submit photos that enhance the overall understanding of the article.
  • Submitting photos: When photographing individuals and groups of people with the intent to submit the photograph to our blog, all participants must grant expressed permission to have their image published on the website. Autism Ontario’s Consent to Photograph, Videotape & Waiver/Release form is available here. Be sure to attach it to your story and include the name of the photographer so we can extend a credit to their work. Provide a short piece of context around the photograph. It can be as simple as who, what, where, when, why, how.