Raise the Flag 2021

Celebrate World Autism Day virtually on Tuesday, April 6th!

Raise the Flag and World Autism Day During COVID-19

As we excitedly plan and prepare for World Autism Day and Raise the Flag 2021, we are committed to promoting the safety of our community above all else. It is highly unlikely that we will be able to gather in large groups for the usual flag-raising ceremonies, so we encourage everyone to recognize the day creatively – in your living room, backyard, on a Zoom call – any way you’d like!

Because World Autism Day, April 2nd, is on Good Friday this year, we will be celebrating on Tuesday, April 6th!

Join us at 2pm on Tuesday, April 6th for a live launch of our new video, What Autism Means to Us, with submitted clips from the autism community!

Click here to watch the video!

Suggestions for Celebrating

Whatever you do, show us how you’re celebrating by using #RaisetheFlagforAutism and #WorldAutismDay on social media!

Creative Flag Raisings from World Autism Day 2020